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Rizwana Alam Rizwana Alam

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Room Mial 10.17
School of Geography
University of Leeds
University Road
Leeds LS2 9JT   UK



Project title

The Governance of Urban Green Spaces: Challenges and a Way Forward to Sustainable Development

Project overview

Collaborative governance is considered as a more credible instrument to enhance legitimacy and stability of policies in any form of urban planning. Broad stakeholder involvement in this process allows developing stronger local strategies as well as extra leeway to interact with more stakeholders about issues. The broad range of actors have better practical knowledge of their areas and have more chances of developing ownership of the project through social learning processes. This study is using green spaces in Lahore, the second most urbanised centre of Pakistan, as a case study to understand the potential of collaborative governance. Lahore is in the throes of rapid urbanisation with all its attendant problems. The consequence of fast-paced urbanisation and ineffective governance arrangements can be observed in the form of poor quality green spaces with shrinking space and number. This ineffective planning and poor policies by the government which unable to provide any reasonable amount of public green space offer lens by which to analyse the governance dynamics in the city.


The following objectives have been prepared in line with the research questions.

  • To find out the relationship among actors including government, private sectors, and civil society and the mechanism they follow to address urban green spaces’ issues.
  • To investigate how far decision-making for green spaces in Lahore involves and allow different actors and interests in this process, by focusing on micro case studies in Lahore.
  • To identify and describe the Challenges and opportunities for a more collaborative planning process for urban green spaces in Lahore.
  • To Impart some practical knowledge by using an innovative methodology to identify areas for the planning and development of new green spaces in Lahore.


Prof Jon Lovett (Principle Supervisor)
Dr Anna Barker (Co-supervisor)

Research Affiliations

Social Justice, Cities, Citizenship.


University of Leeds, Student Conference 2017: Sustainable Perspectives on Future Challenges, Presented Research Project for PhD