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Stuart Hodkinson Dr Stuart Hodkinson

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Room Manton 10.141
School of Geography
University of Leeds
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Leeds LS2 9JT   UK


+44 (0) 113 34 31820

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Work in progress

Exploring Digital Transformations of Community, Culture and Welfare in Austere Times: the Case of Leeds, 2014-2015

Our pilot project’s central focus is on the variegated impact and implications for culture and community of a digitally transformed UK welfare system for three specific communities of interest – public administrators of welfare support, frontline welfare law advisors and those receiving or needing welfare support. The empirical research focuses on Leeds Local Authority District and is examining data from 2008 to the present. We are working in partnership with a small Advisory Team comprised of members from Leeds City Council, Leeds Citizens Advice Bureau, and Leeds ACTS!. The project is analysing three local digital data sets that offer potential insights into the transformations being unleashed by austerity, welfare reform and digitalisation: data about all housing benefit claimants in Leeds; data about social housing tenants in Leeds affected by the so-called ‘bedroom tax’; and data about clients of Advice Leeds services.

Public housing regeneration under the Private Finance Initiative: a study about people, place and local governance - 2011-2014

The main aim of this ESRC-funded study (RES-061-25-0536) is to gain an in-depth understanding of council housing tenants' and leaseholders' experiences of regeneration schemes in England that use the Private Finance Initiative (PFI). I am particularly interested in finding out how residents feel about the changes to their homes, communities and environments, whether they welcome or oppose them, and their experience of services provided. I also want to look at how neighbourhoods are physically restructured and what this might mean for both the provision of affordable housing and the social mix of people living there. For more information, see

Precarious lives: asylum seekers and refugees? experiences of forced labour - 2011-2012

This ESRC-funded study (RES-062-23-2895) run jointly by academics at the University of Leeds and University of Salford aims to gain an in-depth understanding of the experiences of forced and exploitative labour among asylum seekers and refugees living in England. People seeking asylum are normally prohibited from working. However, limited or non-existent welfare entitlements and pressures to earn money to pay off debts or support family may push asylum seekers into the shadow economy. Refugees who may have had long periods out of work while their asylum case was considered are also vulnerable to labour exploitation. Our research aims to provide the first systematic study on this problem. For more information, see

Previous projects

New enclosures: finance capital and the privatisation of housing privatisation in britain - 2007-2011

Funded by the British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellowship scheme, this research set out to discover whether housing privatisation and urban regeneration can be theorized as both representing and driving an historic wave of 'new enclosures' sweeping Britain. My project revisited both the 'old enclosures' that accompanied the shift from feudalism to industrial capitalism, and the past 30 years of housing and urban policies to understand the connections and unpack the motivations, mechanisms and consequences of contemporary privatisation and regeneration policies.

Autonomous geographies - 2005-2007

Two-year action research project with Dr Paul Chatterton (Leeds) and Dr Jenny Pickerill (Leicester, now Sheffield) critically exploring and supporting the ideas, struggles and practices of autonomous social movements in the UK. Funded by the ESRC.