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School of Geography
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Work in progress

The hand of the state in urban projects

The construction of the Hongqiao transport and commercial in the west of the city is one of the largest projects to have been undertaken in Shanghai. In ongoing research with Dr Jiang Yanpeng (University of Hong Kong), we examine the role of the state, of state companies and of coalitions of state organizations in executing this project which involved the displacement and relocation of over 11,000 villagers. We examine these processes from a number of different angles. This research is supported by a grant from the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Urban heritage and gentrification in Chinese cities

I am currently working with Dr Chen Hao (Nanjing University) on a series of papers that analyse changing approaches to the conservation of urban heritage in terms of their impact on local residents. The research is focused in particular on Nanjing, where we argue that municipal government appears recently to have changed its approach. While previously heritage conservation was allied with a strongly commercial instinct, a new coalition has emerged in the city that favours a less commercial and more consensual approach.

Competitive urbanism through policy on tourism, industry and transport: case studies from county level

A third project which I am working on, with Dr Jiang Yanpeng, involves bringing together a number of discrete concepts around the use of tourist sites in the south of Anhui Province to enhance their position against rival local governments. We are investigating the way that the local governments of small cities compete against each other through their policy towards tourism, industry and transport in order to move up the territorial hierarchy and gain in influence and power.