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Alan Grainger Dr Alan Grainger

Contact details

School of Geography
University of Leeds
University Road
Leeds LS2 9JT   UK


+44 (0) 113 34 33335

Student hours:
Monday 1300-1400

Work in progress

Previous projects

  • Sam Rose. Jointly supervised with Dr J. Hogg. "A New Classification Scheme to Map Large-Area Biodiversity in Amazonia." Started October 1992. Ph.D awarded December 1996. 
  • William Konteh. Jointly supervised with Dr D.A. Preston. "Institutional Influences on Forest Policy Implementation in Sierra Leone". Started October 1993. Ph.D awarded December 1997. 
  • Daniel Bradley (ESRC Studentship). "Social-Biophysical Spatial Desertification Processes in Senegal". Started October 1994. Ph.D awarded January 1999. 
  • Lera Miles (NERC Studentship). Jointly supervised with Dr O. Phillips. "Modelling the Impact of Global Climate Change on Biodiversity in Amazonia". Started October 1997. Ph.D awarded March 2002.


Previous Grants

  • Land Suitability and Availability for Carbon Sequestration: Tropical Asia as a Case Study." S. Brown (University of Illinois, PI), L. Iverson (Illinois Natural History Survey) and A. Grainger. $93,000 (1 year). US Environmental Protection Agency, Global Climate Change Mitigation Research Programme. Leeds share: £7,000. March 1992 - December 1993.
  • Population-Environment Dynamics at High Population Density in the Humid Tropics." Coordinator of teams in the UK, Philippines and Thailand. ESRC Global Environmental Change Programme. £120,000. January 1993 - July 1995.
  • An Image Processing Facility to Monitor Tropical Deforestation". £2,000 from the University of Leeds Academic Development Fund, £2,500 from the School of Geography Computing Fund (CANREG), and £3,000 from the School of Geography Research Fund. July 1994.
  • Qualitative Analysis of Two Case Studies of Tropical Deforestation in View of the Development of a Spatial Model of Deforestation with Direct Satellite Data Inputs". £27,662 (1 year) from EC Joint Research Centre, Institute for Remote Sensing Applications, Ispra, Italy. April 1995-May 1996.
  • International Workshop on Controlling Deforestation in Southeast Asia". Held on 28-29 July 1998, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. £6,926 from ESRC Global Environmental Change Programme, Networking and Dissemination Fund.
  • Degradation Processes in Open Forest Lands in Sub-Saharan Africa." A. Grainger (Coordinator), O. Hofstad (Agricultural University of Norway), E. Lambin (Catholic University of Louvain), R. Kane (Centre Suivi Ecologique, Dakar), J. Kaboggoza (Makerere University, Kampala), A. O'Kting'ati (Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro). EC Commission, Activity 2, Framework 4 Programme. 901,000 euros (Leeds share 206 kecu). January 1997 - December 2001.