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Paul J. Morris Dr Paul J. Morris

Contact details

Room 10.20 Garstang
School of Geography
University of Leeds
University Road
Leeds LS2 9JT   UK


+44 (0) 113 34 39585

Student hours:
e-mail me for an appointment

Research overview

Key Research Themes

  1. The long-term (millennial) development of peatland and mangrove ecosystems, soils, carbon stores and hydrological functions. 
  2. The response of peatlands to disturbances such as wildfire, future climate change and land-use change, on timescales that are meaningful to humans (seasonal to decadal). 
  3. Improving process-based understanding of peatland hydrological processes, including groundwater-surface water interactions and controls on peat hydraulic properties.

Current PhD Students

Marie ArnaudBelowground Carbon Cycling in Mangrove Forests. University of Leeds, funded by Leeds Anniversary Research Scholarship, 2016-2019. Co-supervised with Andy Baird.

Jiren XuThe Role of Peatlands in Global Water Resource Provision. University of Leeds, funded by Chinese Scholarships Council, 2015-2018. Co-supervised with Joe Holden.

Current MSc Research Students

Tom Sim. Palaeoecology of Canadian High-Arctic Peatlands (working title). University of Leeds, part funded by Ecology and Global Change Research Cluster, 2017-18. Co-supervised with Graeme Swindles.

Liam Taylor. Changing Hydrology and Carbon Accumulation of Permafrost Peatlands (working title). University of Leeds, part funded by Ecology and Global Change Research Cluster, 2017-18. Co-supervised with Graeme Swindles.

Peter Gill. Three-Dimensional Ecohydrological Simulations of Peatland Development with the DigiBog Model (working title). Self funded, 2016-2018. Co-supervised with Andy Baird.


I present regularly at major national and international conferences. You can find a list of the major conference proceedings that I've contributed to on my publication list.