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Paul J. Morris Dr Paul J. Morris

Contact details

Room 10.20 Garstang
School of Geography
University of Leeds
University Road
Leeds LS2 9JT   UK


+44 (0) 113 34 39585

Student hours:
e-mail me for an appointment

Research overview

Key Research Themes

  1. The long-term (millennial) development of peatland and mangrove ecosystems, soils, carbon stores and hydrological functions. 
  2. The response of peatlands to disturbances such as wildfire, future climate change and land-use change, on timescales that are meaningful to humans (seasonal to decadal). 
  3. Improving process-based understanding of peatland hydrological processes, including groundwater-surface water interactions and controls on peat hydraulic properties.

Current PhD Students

Marie ArnaudBelowground Carbon Cycling in Mangrove Forests. University of Leeds, funded by Leeds Anniversary Research Scholarship, 2016-2019. Co-supervised with Andy Baird.

Jiren XuThe Role of Peatlands in Global Water Resource Provision. University of Leeds, funded by Chinese Scholarships Council, 2015-2018. Co-supervised with Joe Holden.

Current MSc Research Students

Tom Sim. Response of Arctic Permafrost Peatlands to Climate Change. University of Leeds, part funded by Ecology and Global Change Research Cluster, 2017-18. Co-supervised with Graeme Swindles.

Liam TaylorChanging Hydrology and Carbon Storage of Permafrost Peatlands. University of Leeds, part funded by Ecology and Global Change Research Cluster, 2017-18. Co-supervised with Graeme Swindles.

Former Student

Peter Gill. MSc by Research. Simulating Blanket Peatland Development over Millennial Timescales Using a New Version of the DigiBog Model. Self funded, 2016-2018. Co-supervised with Andy Baird.


I present regularly at major national and international conferences. You can find a list of the major conference proceedings that I've contributed to on my publication list.