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Myles Gould Dr Myles Gould

Contact details

Room Manton, 10.116
School of Geography
University of Leeds
University Road
Leeds LS2 9JT   UK


+44 (0) 113 34 33374

Student hours:
Summer vacation: Please make an appointment by email or in person.

Research overview

Research Interests

Work on multilevel statistical modelling of self-reported morbidity, mortality, tenure change, (un)employment, voting intentions, residential movement, and residential segregation

Multilevel models operate at more than one level and allow the simultaneous analysis of compositional effects (what is in a place) and contextual effects (the difference that place make)

Multilevel models are suited to hierarchically structured data sets where individuals nest within places or contexts

Multilevel models provide a compromise between individual level and ecological analyses, and also provide more efficient and precise model estimates

PhD Supervision

Dr Myles Gould is interested in supervising PhDs in the following areas:

  • Individual, area and contextual determinants of health and wellbeing
  • Obesity
  • Alcohol consumption and culture
  • Short-distance residential mobility
  • Variations in healthcare use and accessibility
  • Individual and area socioeconomic deprivation
  • Multilevel modelling of compositional and contextual variation in wellbeing (using secondary data)
  • Epidemiological and survey methods, mixed methods and secondary data analysis
  • Voting intentions
  • Therapeutic landscapes

Research Students

Annie Connolly, Holiday hunger: the role of the state in preventing food poverty, funded with Frank Parkinson Scholarship, started October 2013-2017

Michael Thomas, Modelling individual and place variations in residential moves using commercial data and official statistics, ESRC TALISMAN Studentship, completed October 2014.

Rukchanok Karcharnubarn, Variations in Health Status of the Elderly in Thailand, Thai Government Funded, completed February 2011.

Matthew Higgs, Student lifestyle, alcohol consumption and health, ESRC CASE Studentship (collaborative partner: Alcohol Education and Research), completed December 2010.

Han-Liang Lin (Linx), The study of urban structure by an approach of spatial clustering, funded by the Taiwan Government, completed 2003.



Gould M.I. (2010) “An introduction to multilevel modelling” Presentation to Royal Statistical Society, Leeds/Bradford Local Group and Young Statisticians Section. University of Leeds, 20/10/2009.

Shuttleworth I., Gould M. and Barr P (2010) “Short-distance Migration, Residential Segregation, and Spatial Scale: Perspectives from the Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study”, presentation at AAG Annual Conference, Washington DC, 14-18th April 2010. (presented in my absence).

Shuttleworth I., Gould M. and Barr P (2010) Modelling short-distance residential moves using the Northern Ireland Longitudinal Survey (NILS), British Society Population Studies Annual Conference, University of Exeter, 13th-15th September 2010.


  • Joint organiser of the '7th International Symposium in Medical Geography', Portsmouth 28th July - 2nd August 1996
  • Joint organiser of Multilevel Modelling: A Conference and Workshop, 22nd-23rd September 1994, University of Portsmouth, on behalf of the IBG Quantitative Methods Study Group