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Deirdre Conlon Dr Deirdre Conlon

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Research overview

Conlon’s work is typically collaborative and frequently multi-sited, with projects in the US, UK, and the Republic of Ireland. With an interdisciplinary background in environmental psychology, Deirdre Conlon's interests, teaching, and approach in research not only draw from critical human geography but also from feminist studies, urban studies, anthropology, and sociology. She is part of a network of critical immigration and carceral geography scholars.* Deirdre is especially interested in supporting projects that engage communities and publics in participatory ways. 

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More on research:

Conlon’s work spans critical human geography with interests in:

i) The governance of citizenship and belonging through immigration enforcement, detention, and border securitization strategies.

ii) The social, cultural, and economic politics of global and local immigration enforcement policies and practices and the tensions, inequalities, and actions that arise in lives and communities confronted with such initiatives.

iii) The proliferation of carceral spaces of everyday life including spaces where (im)mobility, protracted waiting, and production of abjection abound.

iv) The contestations, recuperative and transformative possibilities, which are immanent with the policies, practices, and spaces detailed above.



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