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School of Geography
University of Leeds
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Reverberations from School Private Finance Initiative Projects. The School of Social Work and Social Policy, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. 2 November 2017.

Exploring the ‘transformative power’ of culture: regeneration, gentrification and social justice. RC21, Leeds 2017: Rethinking Global Urban Justice. Link to papers selected by Anna McLauchlan (Convenor) and Kerri Arthurs. University of Leeds. 11-13 September 2017.

Exploring brands and being. Presented a paper and co-convened (with Steve Millington, Manchester Metropolitan University) two sessions at the RGS-IBG Annual Conference in London. 30 August – 1 September 2017.

[undoing listening two days of workshops, food and performances/ a publication as doing things together in public/ organised by Katherine MacBride. Transmission, Glasgow. 28-29 July 2017. Circumstances prevented my participation – however, this represents an ongoing dialogue and a valuable intervention into what is a publication.]

Two performances concerned with art and political action in collaboration with Wojciech Kosma, Steven Anderson, Kathryn Ashill, Marta Jalowska, Phil Eaglesham and Pernilla Spence. Performances introduced and concluded Shoulder-to-Shoulder, the FIELDWORK International Summer School at Hospitalfield, Arbroath. 27-30 June 2017.

Playing the edge. Workshop at and participation in Shona Projects, a unique week-long residency and learning experience on the topic of 'safe space' that took place on an island in North West Scotland called Eilean Shona. 11-18 May 2017.
Learning and potentially rethinking can be destabilising and so a 'safe' basis may be needed to support openness to unfamiliar ideas. The designation 'safe space' is itself often associated with education (or pedagogy), the making of a learning environment which is inclusive and where participants are comfortable to express their individuality. This workshop 'plays the edge' of both somatic experience and thought. Exploring safety and learning through the 'edge' of the limits imposed by conditioning including long term habits and the party the night before.

Cultural Geography. Lecture delivered to the first year Fine Art and Design programme (more than 200 students) at Glasgow School of Art. 18 January 2017.

Performativity and performance: parody and politics. Seminar/workshops with Masters of Fine Art Students, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow. November 2016

Performance of a dance piece by Susanne Linke as shown in Jérôme Bel's (1998) film ‘The Last Performance’ Part of the introduction to day-long programme by Sarah Tripp at the Artist Moving Image Festival. Tramway, Glasgow. 5 November 2016.

What does it mean to be an "open" and non-hierarchical school and how do we translate this into the way that G.O.D.S exists and functions? Facilitation of a movement and writing activity for Glasgow Open Dance School (G.O.D.S). Tramway, Glasgow. 2 November 2016.

Set in a World of Golden Hindsight. Performer in this radio play by Jim Welton for Radiophrenia (Glasgow, Aug - Sep 2016). Radiophrenia was also documented in a text for the Scottish Arts Magazine Map, ‘…where the art is: the interwoven spaces of Radiophrenia…’

The Burden of Representation? Presentation of a talk and participation in a Q&A with the filmmaker Margaret Salmon at Hyde Park Picture House. The event was organised by Pavilion and included a screening of films by Margaret Salmon and Janey Walklin. July 2016.

We drink and our landscape moves through us is a written contribution to The Persistence of Type Volume II, a newspaper created by Panel especially for the seventh edition of Glasgow International, 8-25 April 2016.

Invited afternoon workshop to participants on the Curatorial Studio programme. 20 March 2016. This informed a contribution to a publication Living Out Ideas.

Biennial Biennale. Talk to accompany an exploration of the relationship between politics and place in two biennial European festivals of contemporary art alongside curators Nikolett Eross (OFF Biennale, Budapest) and Sarah McCrory (Glasgow International). Organised as part of a Framework event association with the Curatorial Studio programme, Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow. 19 March 2016.