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School of Geography

Sheila Palmer Dr Sheila Palmer

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Room Garstang 10.33
School of Geography
University of Leeds
University Road
Leeds LS2 9JT   UK


+44 (0) 113 34 37991

Student hours:
Open door or email for an appointment.




  • Evans C; Allott T; Billett M; Burden A; Chapman P; Dinsmore K; Evans M; Goulsbra C; Holden J; Jones D; Moody T; Palmer S; Worrall F (2013) SP1205: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Associated with Non Gaseous Losses of Carbon from Peatlands - fate of Particulate and Dissolved Carbon., .
  • Grayson R; Holden J; Blundell A; Brown LE; Palmer SM (2013) B4492 Chellow Nidd (Woo Gill) AMP5 Catchment Solution: Monitoring Programme Update Report 2013., .
  • Holden J; Grayson R; Blundell A; Palmer S; Chapman P; Kay P (2012) A review of catchment management strategies for water quality improvement., .
  • Holden J; Chapman PJ; Palmer SM; Kay P; Grayson R (2011) A review of moorland burning impacts on raw water quality with a focus on water colour., Final report to Yorkshire Water Services, Project B4897, .
  • Chapman PJ; Palmer SM; Goslan E; Jarvis P (2011) Characterisation of dissolved organic carbon from two different ‘types’ of catchments at How Stean: Influence of soil depth and chemistry, Report for Yorkshire Water Services, .