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Intergenerational space



Johnson, Paul and Vanderbeck, R.M. (2014)  Law, Religion and Homosexuality.  London: Routledge. 

Edited books

Punch, S. and Vanderbeck, R.M. (eds) (2018)  Family, Intergenerationality and Peer-Group Relations. Volume 5 of the series Major Reference Work on Geographies of Children and Young People (series editor: Tracey Skelton).  Springer.

Vanderbeck, R.M. and Worth, N., Eds. (2015) Intergenerational Space.  London: Routledge. 

Published In Peer Reviewed Journals

McQuaid, K., Vanderbeck, R.M., Valentine, G., Liu, C., and Diprose, K. (in press) ‘An elephant cannot fail to carry its own ivory’: Transgenerational ambivalence, infrastructure and sibling support practices in urban Uganda. Emotion, Space and Society.

Liu, C., Chen, L., Vanderbeck, R.M.,  Valentine, G.,  Zhang, M., Diprose, K. and McQuaid, K., (online advance) A Chinese route to sustainability: post-socialist transitions and the construction of ecological civilisation.  Sustainable Development.

Liu, C., Valentine, G., Vanderbeck, R.M., McQuaid, K., and Diprose, K. (2018) Placing 'sustainability' in context: narratives of sustainable consumption in Nanjing, China.  Social & Cultural Geography.

McQuaid, K., Vanderbeck, R.M., Valentine, G., Liu, C., Zhang, M., Chen, L., and Diprose, K. (2018) Urban climate change, livelihood vulnerability and narratives of generational responsibility in Jinja, Uganda.  Africa 88(1): 11-37

Diporse, K., Fern, R., Valentine, G., Vanderbeck, R.M., Chen, L., Liu, C., McQuaid, K., and Zhang, M. (2018) Corporations, consumerism and culpability: discourses of sustainability in the British press.  Environmental Communication.

Samson, M., Vanderbeck, R.M., and Wood, N. (2018) Fixity and flux: a critique of competing approaches to researching contemporary Jewish identities.  Social Compass.

Johnson, P. and Vanderbeck, R.M. (2017) Sexual orientation equality and religious exceptionalism in the law of the United Kingdom: the role of the Church of England.  Oxford Journal of Law and Religion. 6(3): 498-522

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Johnson, Paul and Vanderbeck, Robert M. (2017) Sacred spaces, sacred words: religion and same-sex marriage in England and Wales.  Journal of Law and Society.  44(2): 228-54.

Vanderbeck, Robert M. and Johnson, Paul (2016) The promotion of British values: sexual orientation equality, religion, and England's schools.  International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family (December issue).

Vanderbeck, Robert M. and Johnson, Paul (2015) Homosexuality, religion and the contested legal framework governing sex education in England.  Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law. 37: 161-79.

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Valentine, G., Vanderbeck, R.M., Sadgrove, J., Andersson, J, and Ward, K. (2013) Transnational religious networks: sexuality and the changing power geometries of the Anglican Communion.  Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers.  38: 50-64.

Sadgrove, J., Vanderbeck, R.M., Andersson, J., Valentine, G., and Ward, K. (2012) Morality plays and money matters: towards a situated understanding of the politics of homosexuality in Uganda.  Journal of Modern African Studies 50(1): 103-129.

Vanderbeck, R.M. and Johnson, P. (2011) ‘’If a charge was brought against a saintly religious leader whose intention was to save souls…’: an analysis of UK Parliamentary debates over incitement to hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation.  Parliamentary Affairs  64(4): 652-73.

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Edited Journal Collections

Bell D, Chatterton P, González S, Hodkinson S, Unsworth R, and Vanderbeck RM (2007) Northern Urban Renaissance?  Yorkshire & Humber Regional Review.  Special Edition.  pp. 1-2 [editorial introduction to co-edited special issue]

Vanderbeck, Robert M. and Dunkley, Cheryl Morse (2004)  Geographies of Exclusion, Inclusion and Belonging in Young Lives.  Children’s Geographies.  2(2): 177-83. [introductory essay to peer reviewed special issue co-edited by Robert M. Vanderbeck and Cheryl Morse Dunkley]

Book Chapters and Sections

Valentine, G., Vanderbeck, R.M., Sadgrove, J., Anderson, J., and Ward, K. (forthcoming) Researching global faith networks: a framework for transcending conventional perspectives on international comparative research. In Woodhead, L. (Ed.)   How to Research Religion: Putting Methods into Practice. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 

Vanderbeck, R.M., Sadgrove, J., Valentine, G., Andersson, J., and Ward, K. (2014) The transnational debate over homosexuality in the Anglican Communion.  In Brunn, S. (Ed.) The Changing World Religion Map.  Springer.

Vanderbeck, Robert M. (2010) Kompetentteja sosiaalisia toimijoita? Pohdintoja lapsuuden tutkimuksen ‘aikuisista’. [Competent social agents? Reflections on the ‘adult’ of childhood studies] In Kallio, P.K., Ritala-Koskinen, A. and Rutanen, N. (Eds.) Missä lapsuutta tehdää? [Where is childhood made?] Helsinki: Finnish Youth Research Network, the Finnish Society of Childhood Studies, and the Childhood and Family Research Unit of the University of Tampere. pp. 33-50.

Vanderbeck, Robert M. (2006)  Commentary on ethical case study.  In Hay, Iain and Israel, Mark (eds.) Research Ethics for Social Scientists: Between Ethical Conduct and Regulatory Compliance.  Sage Publications.

Vanderbeck, Robert. M. (2006) ‘Segregation’. in Warf, Barney (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Human Geography.  Sage Publications. pp. 423-4.


 Vanderbeck, Robert M. (2011) An Evaluation of the Leeds City Council Equalities Assembley.  Leeds City Council.  Summary report available at:

Valentine, G., Vanderbeck, R.M., Ward, K., Sadgrove, J., and Andersson, J. (2010)  Sexuality and Global Faith Networks: A Research Project on Debates over Homosexuality in the Anglican Communion.  Available at: fileadmin/downloads/school/research/groups/faith/ACCESSIBLE_REPORT.pdf 

 Other Academic Publications

Vanderbeck, Robert M. (2004) Review of ‘For the Good of the Children: A History of the Boys’ and Girls’ Republic’.  Children’s Geographies, 2(1), pp. 163-5.

Vanderbeck, Robert M. (2002) Review of ‘Introducing Social Geographies’. in The Professional Geographer, 55(4). pp. 566-8.

Vanderbeck, Robert M. and Johnson, James H., Jr. (1999)  Inner City Young People and the Space of the Mall.  Urban Investment Strategies Center Working Paper 99-1.  Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Publications and Appearances in Popular Media

‘Should parents be banned from smacking their children?’  Yahoo! News, 7 January 2014,

Feminist Media Review. hosted by Peggy Luhrs.  Channel 17.  Burlington, Vermont.  [invited guest appearance]. 2005.

‘Queer Delusions.’ Out in the Mountains. December 2004 issue. p. 10 [available at]

‘Scapegoated by Democrats.’ Dissident Voice]

‘Knowledge of Geography Vital to Strong Education’.  The Burlington Free Press.  November 19, 2003. p. A13. [lead author, with Beverley Wemple and Richard Kujawa]