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School of Geography

Myfanwy Taylor Dr Myfanwy Taylor

Contact details

Room Manton 10.133
School of Geography
University of Leeds
University Road
Leeds LS2 9JT   UK



Office hours:
I work part-time and Friday is my day off. I work at home on Mondays and Tuesdays.


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Taylor, M. and Edwards, M. 2016. Just Space Economy and Planning: opening up debates on London’s economy through participating in strategic planning. In: Beebeejaun, Y. (Ed.) The Participatory City. Berlin: Jovis pp76-86.

Taylor, M. 2014. ‘Being useful’ after the Ivory Tower: combining research and activism with the Brixton Pound. Area 46(3), pp.305-312. Open access.

Taylor, M. 2013. Re-thinking London’s economies and economic futures. In: Tewdwr-Jones, M. and Bell, S. (Eds.) London 2062. London: Ubiquity Press. Available online at