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Oguzhan Ozdemir Oguzhan Ozdemir

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School of Geography
University of Leeds
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Leeds LS2 9JT   UK



Project Title: The Armenians in the US: Place, Identity and Relationship with the “Homeland” of post-1965 Immigrants.

Project Overview: The relationship between diaspora and the “homeland” has been studying at least two decades, and proposes a significant part of diaspora studies. However, new forms of diasporas or belonging and enormous rise in immigration or mobility of people in the contemporary world needed an in-depth analysis over the divisions and diversities among a diasporic entity. In the case of Armenians, space-place of identities and the construction the Armenianness, routes and roots produced various images of “homeland” and caused many diversities and divisions in the Armenian Diaspora. My research aims to explore the role of these varieties on their relationships with the kin state, Armenia. In so doing, the research contributes to both the concept of diaspora-homeland relations through claiming the significance of sub-forms of diasporic identities and the Armenian studies through exploring a specific group within Armenian-Americans and their relationship with Armenia. My research data will be collected through qualitative methods.

Supervisors: Dr. Oliver Fritsch, Dr. Robert Vanderbeck

Research Affiliation: Social Justice, City, Citizenship


Short Curriculum Vitae


Master of Arts in International Studies (International Relations), Oxford Brookes University, Oxford

Dissertation Title: Small States in Alliances: A neo-classical realist analysis of Armenia-NATO Relations.


BA Degree in International Relations, Gazi University, Ankara

BA Degree in Public Administration, Anadolu University, Eski┼čehir



Oxford Brookes University- Oxford Brookes International Centre, University English (Academic)

Certificate of Achievement, Pre-sessional Course- 2014 Summer

Inanc Foreign Trade Group – Training for International Business;

Certificate of Attendance- 2013

Center For Middle Eastern Strategic Studies – Summer School;

Certificate of Attendance- 2011 Summer

Arabic Teaching Institute for Non-Arabic Speakers-Syria

Certificate of Achievement-2011


Yilmaz, S. and Ozdemir, O. (2017). “ A more active foreign policy: Domestic factors of Turkey’s Middle East policy during the second tenure of the Justice and Development party”. Journal of Management and Economics Research, Volume 15, Issue 3. September 2017