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Project title:

Impacts of sediment and debris from Natural Flood Management

Project overview

Natural flood management and measures which work with natural processes to reduce flood peak magnitude and time to peak flow are seeing increased application throughout England. However, there is a concern that these solutions will increase the amount of sediment and debris in the system. High levels of sediment and debris can increase downstream flood risk and reduce the longevity of measures put in place. To date, sediment dynamics have often been overlooked due to the complex, multi-scale sources, pathways and sinks exploited throughout the catchment.


The overall aim of the project is to improve the understanding of how sediment fluxes interact with natural flood management at multiple spatial scales through the use of numerical modelling.
The project’s objectives include:
DEM analysis and visual mapping to assess sediment sources, pathways and sinks across the Aire catchment.
Local process-based testing and validation to understand water-sediment dynamics within a single reach, particularly for in-bank and out-of-bank flows and between tributaries and main channels.
Scenario-based testing to gain insight into catchment-wide sediment transport and the likely influence of natural flood management on sediment dynamics for the use in practical applications of sediment budgeting and cost-benefit analysis.


Jonathan Carrivick
Andrew Sleigh
Brian Irvine
Nigel Wright
Rob Lamb

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NERC CASE studentship with JBA Consulting