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Evan Miles Dr. Evan Miles

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Room 10.02 Garstang
School of Geography
University of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT   UK



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Research overview

I am a Research Fellow studying englacial and subglacial processes at Khumbu Glacier as part of the EverDrill project. My research generally integrates field observations with remote sensing analyses and numerical modelling to understand the mechanisms governing recent and future mass losses for Himalayan glaciers. Recent work has focused on the energy balance and ablation associated with supraglacial ponds and steep bare-ice facies on debris-covered glaciers, but I have also been involved with studies of glacier hydrology, high-altitude catchment hydrology and meteorology, and multidecadal glacier change around the world.


  • Miles, E.S., Willis, I.W., Arnold, N.S., Pellicciotti, F., & Steiner, J.F., (2017). Spatial, seasonal and interannual variability of supraglacial ponds in the Langtang Valley of Nepal, 1999–2013. Journal of Glaciology.
  • Buri, P., Miles, E.S., Steiner, J.F., Immerzeel, W.W., Wagnon, P., & Pellicciotti, F. (2016). A physically-based 3D-model of ice cliff evolution over debris-covered glaciers. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface.
  • Brun, F., Buri, P., Miles, E.S., Wagnon, P., Steiner, J.F., Berthier, E., Ragettli, S., Kraaijenbrink, P., Immerzeel, W.W., & Pellicciotti, F. (2016). Quantifying volume loss from ice cliffs on debris-covered glaciers using high resolution terrestrial and aerial photogrammetry. Journal of Glaciology.
  • Pope, E., Willis, I.W., Pope, A., Miles, E.S., Arnold, N.S., & Rees, W.G. (2016). Contrasting snow...


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