The National e-Infrastructure for Social Simulation (NeISS) project was a JISC funded project under the Information Environment Programme 2009-11 from 2009-04-01 to 2012-03-31.

NeISS originally owned the domian, but this domain is now run by others. Originally the domain forwarded to Some time in 2011 this was changed to forwarding to

The project enhanced and developed the NCeSS Sakai Portal to support numerous additional worksites and attempted to integrate workflow technology into LifeRay - another Portal technology - one that supported JSR 286 portlets which at the time Sakai did not. The project had a major set back as a result of a fire from which the NCeSS Sakai Portal never recovered.

I added several worksites to the NCeSS Sakai Portal during this time and focused on managing sensitive data within the system to support role based access control that is important for social simulation models that might only be run in emergency scenarios when security clearance allowed for overrides such as in a city evacuation. I also worked on Grid enabling GENeSIS demographic simulation models and trying to make it easier for other social simulation models to be run on the LCG - one of the largest distributed computational infrastructures available at the time.