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Thursday 28th February
Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre.
Michael Sadler Building, University of Leeds.

Leeds has enjoyed major economic success in recent years, becoming the fastest growing city in England and number one financial centre after London. Its universities attract thousands of students and retail is booming. All this is reflected in the changing face of the city centre. But is the price of success now too high? The well loved Corn Exchange shops are all but gone; Kirkgate Market traders await an uncertain fate; skyscrapers and over-priced flats are set to dominate the skyline with little consultation while affordable council housing is demolished;

So we ask: Is Leeds going in the right direction?
What does the general public think?
Are there any alternatives?

This event will discuss the positive and negative things that are happening to Leeds as well as proposals for change. Leeds City Council has a major role to play but it is not alone – the public must have a big say in the future of the city.

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Public letter sent by
organisers of the event
to the Yorkshire Evening Post

Response to the letter by the
Leader of Leeds City Council

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