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Student Support

Student support

Personal tutoring

Our number one priority is to support you throughout your degree, both on an academic and personal level, and for this reason we assign you an academic tutor who is there to oversee your academic progress and general wellbeing throughout your time at Leeds. You will meet individually with your tutor several times a year to review progress, to discuss the next stage in your university career and to plan for your future employability. Your tutor will also write your references once you have successfully graduated.

Pastoral support

We have a strong reputation for the quality of our pastoral care. With robust procedures in place to ensure that mitigating circumstances are fully accounted for at every stage of the assessment process, we make sure that you receive the appropriate support and guidance to help you to achieve your full potential.

Pastoral support is overseen by the School’s Student Support Officer who works alongside your tutor and teaching staff in the delivery of pastoral care and is there to support you with any issues affecting your progress or welfare. If we feel you could benefit from more specialist expertise, we will put you in touch with one of the University's specialist services, such as the Student Counselling Centre, the Student Advice Centre, or the Student Medical Practice.

Support for students with a disability

The University’s Disability Services offers comprehensive support to all students with a physical disability or specific learning need. The standard procedure for reporting a disability is at the application stage, but students are welcome to visit Disability Services at any time to make an appointment for an individual assessment. Departmental support for disabilities is provided in accordance with a student’s ‘assessment of needs’, and is coordinated through our Disabilities Officer. Teaching staff are informed in confidence about any disabilities or learning needs, so that appropriate support is provided.

Peer support

Peer support is a great way to settle into university life, and as well as working together in groups at all levels, there are many opportunities to work alongside and be mentored by students at a higher level. A fantastic way to meet other students in the School is to become a member of GeogSoc, our departmental student society. GeogSoc is one of the largest societies on campus with a packed calendar of social and sporting events.

Study skills support

In addition to Skills@Library, a central University resource for all students which offers teaching, training and guidance on a broad range of study skills, the School of Geography provides specialist study skills support in two specific areas:

  • Support with academic writing: our Royal Literary Fund Fellow, Emily Diamand, is available for individual appointments to advise on any aspect of academic writing
  • Support with numeracy skills: a numeracy tutor, Rachel Homer, is available to students within the School to advise on any aspect of maths and numeracy

Cross-campus specialist support

The University provides a range of academic, pastoral and welfare support services, available to all students in all departments. To find the service most relevant to your particular need or requirement, check out the Help@Leeds website.

Supporting students at university - advice for parents & guardians

Even though students are legally adults, there are sometimes occasions during their university career when things may go wrong, and if they are living away from home, it can be hard for parents to know what to do for the best. Wherever possible, it is preferable for students to be supported in finding solutions to their own problems, so it often helps to remind students of the most appropriate source of guidance. If your son or daughter is upset, or worried about something, it is best that they share it with us. Often worries are unfounded, or can easily be resolved. Sensitive issues are dealt with confidentially. There are various people that a student can contact for help and advice:

  • The staff in the School Student Support Office are often the best people to ask for advice, particularly about dealing with the University systems. They can also refer students to the member of academic or support staff who will be best able to advise the student about their particular problem.
  • Every student is allocated a personal tutor for the full length of their course at Leeds. Personal tutors are experienced in helping students deal with problems, whether academic or personal.
  • Students can also approach any member of staff with whom they feel comfortable.
  • Sometimes you, as parents, may want to get in touch with us directly, particularly in the event of a serious problem. Please be aware that UK Law (Data Protection Act 1998) forbids us from discussing your son/daughter's application/attendance/progress with parents, or any other individual, unless we have the student's express permission to do so.