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School of Geography

Charlotte Nimmo, BA Geography with Transport Studies

I chose Leeds because it is the best university in the country for transport-related study, and the only one to offer my exact course. I also really liked the atmosphere on campus and in the city when I visited for Open Days, and it has an excellent reputation as a university city.

I really like the mixture of subjects we study in the geography modules, and the current issues we cover in transport lectures and seminars. It makes everything that’s happening in the transport world today much easier to understand, and enables me to see how different policies work in theory and practice.

My aspirations have changed since being at Leeds, originally I thought I was going to go into local authority planning as soon as I left university, but talking to my friends and tutor has made me see all the different things I can do with transport and geography combined. Leeds has lots of opportunities for industry placements in different sectors, and I will be very prepared for them with the support from my tutor in transport studies and the staff in the School of Geography.