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Meet Lorna Davies, Employability Ambassador

My name is Lorna Davies and I am studying Human Geography (BA). In September I will be going into my final year at the University of Leeds.

My role as Employability Ambassador is...  to help motivate students to gain experience in the professional world, either via a placement year or other work experience. I will also find potential opportunities for students and advertise these on social media and throughout the School of Geography.

In this role I am really excited about...  passing on the knowledge and experiences that I have gained from my Year in Industry, helping other students through the application process and ultimately see them succeed in getting the placement they want.

My goals/aspirations after I graduate are... just like 90% of Geography students, I would love to travel, explore and experience the various cultures the world has to offer. I would love a job that challenges me whilst giving me the opportunity to travel…what a great mix!

My main memory of Induction week was... going on my first hockey social and being completely overwhelmed and loving every minute of it. Joining a sport society is a great way to meeting people with similar interests. Some of the people I met at my first hockey social are my best friends now!

My number one tip for freshers/new students starting in September is... not one…its three! 1) Take every opportunity you are given to meet new people or try something new – even if this is out your comfort zone 2)  Ask lots of questions 3) Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – this is the best way to learn!

Students can get involved in anything they want to... and Fresher’s week is a great time to start, as this is when all the societies are advertised and you have the choice to pick whatever you want. However, if you want to look at opportunities before or after Fresher’s - social media is a great place. Pretty much every society and school has a Facebook page which is updated regularly, outlining events and various opportunities. If social media isn’t your thing, then you can also speak to anyone in the Union or School of Geography and they will be more than happy to help you get involved.

The place for lunch on campus is... not a place as such, but on Monday’s there is a Farmers Market outside the Union building and I love getting a few bits to make up lunch (there is a cake stall that sells the best cake ever!). It is even better in summer when you can sit outside on the grass - if it’s not raining!

The best thing about the School of Geography is... the people. After all, Human Geography is all about the effect humans have on their environment and it is the people that make the School of Geography such an interesting and exciting School to be part of. Someone is always there to help you out or answer questions, even if it isn’t related to Geography!

The best decision I have made so far at University is... sounds cliché, but choosing to do a placement year is by far the best decision I have made. It has allowed me to gain insight and experience in the professional world, as well as developing numerous skills which will undoubtedly benefit me after University. Choosing to complete a placement in London really pushed me out my comfort zone; however looking back I wouldn’t have chosen to do it anywhere else. Apart from the cost of renting, the people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had are what made placement year so fulfilling and exciting.