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School of Geography

Welcome to Geography!

Congratulations on your results and gaining a place in the School of Geography!

I’m sure you are looking forward to arriving and beginning your studies here; so what can you expect from your first week? You may be familiar with Induction week (aka Freshers’ week) which begins Monday 19 September (your timetable will be sent in your Welcome pack). This is your introduction to the School and University. It is a full but worthwhile schedule which includes a course introduction, a discovery theme fair (for choosing discovery modules) and a social event for all new students to the School.

This week will fly by as you will be busy making new friends and familiarising yourself with life in a new city, so don’t worry if you still have lots of unanswered questions! There are plenty of people you can speak to including your personal tutor (assigned in the first week of lectures), support staff, student representatives and of course I am always around and happy to help where I can.

Here on the Flying Start page we have provided a little flavour of the various opportunities open to you as a geography student. More in depth information on the School and all our policies is covered in the Undergraduate handbook which you will receive in your Welcome pack.

I look forward to welcoming you on Monday 19 September in the iconic 1960s Roger Stevens Lecture Theatre!