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Meet Laura Moulds, Employability Ambassador

Hi, my name is Laura Moulds and I am studying Physical Geography (BSc). In September I will be going into my final year at the University of Leeds.


My role as Employability Ambassador is... to help promote opportunities aimed at improving the employability of students in the School of Geography and to ensure all students are aware of what’s available to them. I hope to motivate and encourage Geography students to take steps to make themselves as employable as possible, it’s not all about grades…


In this role, I am looking forward to... helping other students recognise the importance of experience and the benefits of doing a placement by passing on knowledge I have gained during my year in industry; I am really looking forward to passing on the tips I have learnt whilst working at the Careers Centre. I would love to be a point of contact and a helping hand to others when it comes to aiding them through application processes; I had a fair bit of experience of this in my second year!


Something I wish I’d known before I began my studies at the School of geography... just how important getting some extra experience alongside your studies is, and I don’t just mean work experience, but also having a role in a society or applying for roles such as this one (student ambassador). I also wish I really understood how competitive placement year roles are.


The highlight of Induction week was… probably walking into the first lecture (after figuring out how to find it in Roger Stevens!) and being slightly shocked at how many people were studying Geography just like me. On a more personal side, the main highlight was getting used to the campus and my new flat; living with 10 people after growing up as an only-child was a bit of a shock to the system – but I wouldn’t have had it any other way!


My number one tip for new students starting in September is.... It sounds silly but don’t be afraid to talk to people. The people I spoke to in my first couple of lectures have remained some of my best friends for the last 3 years. I know everyone says it but everyone is in the same boat, also wanting to make new friends. Get stuck in! Go and explore the town and the nightlife with the people you have met, join societies (because I didn’t and I wish I had).


How to get involved in the School of Geography... This comes pretty easily as we have a lot of field trips throughout the 3 years to get us involved with the course, to get to know each other and the academics alike. You can also look into applying for roles like School Rep or Student Ambassador; this gets you involved with the running of the School, plus it looks great on a CV further down the line! Also, join GeogSoc, as it runs pretty closely with the School.


The best place for lunch on campus is... The great thing about Leeds campus (if you’re a foodie like me) is that there is something for everyone, no matter what you fancy. However, for me, Humpit in the Union comes close to a winner because there’s no such thing as too much hummus. The farmer’s market outside the Union on a Monday is also fab, especially ‘Cake Lady’.


The best thing about the School of Geography is... it’s such a close knit school, which isn’t the same for all. Field trips, plenty of group work and lab work makes you get to know people on the course really well and everyone ends up close friends. The same goes for the academics as we have multiple tutor meetings, in groups and one-to-one, and the lecturers encourage you to go and speak to them about any content you may be struggling with. It really feels like the School cares about making you as employable as possible; it’s not just about the 3 years you spend studying but also where you end up after graduation.


The best decision I have made so far at University is... hands down, doing a placement year. The difference in my confidence and my professionalism between now and when I started is amazing. I am so much more prepared for life after University and applying for jobs, but also for completing my final year with a more professional head on my shoulders.