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Join the School of Geography Facebook group!  Please feel free to use this group to make contact with other new students or ask questions to current students.

Societies and Opportunities

What is GeogSoc?

This is the Geography Student Society which arranges events for geography students throughout the year. Many events are social and provide a meeting point for students within the School. Sometimes academic related events take place, such as a book sale or debate. The end of year ball is the highlight of the GeogSoc calendar and is attended by students and some staff. GeogSoc is one of the LUU societies and operates within LUU guidelines and with Union support

  • You will be able to sign up for GeogSoc during Induction week.
  • Find out about all the different Societies you could join, from baking to canoeing, here!

Your new GeogSoc President is Maria Christodoulou, click on the photo below to find out more about her role.

How can I get involved in University and School activities?

There are lots of ways you can support the University and School. Roles include:

  • Student Ambassadors - recruited each year to assist on University and School Open Days, a paid position. 
  • School Representative - One School Rep (per School) is recruited to promote student-led change through work with School course reps and staff at our Student Staff Forum (SSF).
  • Course Representative - A number of course reps are recruited to help feedback student views on the course through the Student Staff Forum (SSF).

Course Rep recruitment will begin in September 2017. If you are interested in any of the above positions please contact Natalie Ania - n.c.ania(at)

There will be many more opportunities and roles available, which you will be contacted about during the course of the year.

University Open Day Ambassador (pictured above)

Learning Support

Transition to Independent Learning

One of the biggest changes you may encounter at university is a transition from the structure of school lessons to a more independent style of learning. You will be able to access plenty of services and support to develop independent learning skills throughout your studies, which you will be introduced to during Induction week.

Your teaching will generally be made up of:

  • Lectures 
  • Seminars (smaller groups and interactive learning)
  • Practicals (teaching in the lab or computer cluster)
  • Fieldwork

What type of Academic Support in the School is there? 

  •  Personal Tutor

You will be assigned to a Personal Tutor who will be an academic member of staff and will contact you during Induction week. Your tutor is there to answer academic related questions and you can make them aware of any personal issues affecting your studies; they can direct you to the right person or service for help, if

  •  Emily Diamand and Julian Turner, Writing support

In week 2 you will meet Emily and Julian. They are available for friendly and confidential advice and offer drop-ins and bookable appointments for all students who might have queries and/or problems relating to any practical aspect of writing: style, essay structure, clarity, readability etc. needed. 

  • Rachel Homer, Statistics and Math

Rachel is our Statistics and Mathematics Tutor. She is available to help with Statistics, Maths, Excel, Data handling and problem solving. A large range of resources are also available on the VLE. Rachel can be contacted by email to arrange an appointment r.m.homer(at) She can also arrange workshops on particular topics if there are several students requiring help. She is located in School of Geography, Manton Building, Level 10, Room 10.144 

What types of learning support does the University offer?

The library offers an excellent range of services including for academic skills, assignments, revision and exams and help in person.

  • You can access help in person, online and through workshops
  • For full details click here.

'Whatever your disability, we can provide general and condition-specific support to meet your needs while you’re a student at Leeds.' Please contact our the Student Support Officer in Geography, Claire Gorner claire.gorner(at) if you have any questions.

  • For a list of services click here.

Difficulties or concerns?

If you’re worried about anything when you arrive, for example with the course, making friends or accommodation you can speak confidentially with the School Support Officer, Claire Gorner who you will be introduced to in the first welcome talk.


Dates for your diary!

  • BSc programmes trip to Malham: 4 nights, early November
  • BA programmes day trip in Leeds: late October 

BSc students (including Joint Honours and Geography-Geology) attend a four night residential field class at Malham Tarn in the Yorkshire Dales. This is a great opportunity for you to get to know fellow students and staff - further information will be provided in Induction Week.

  • Click here for a list of things you will need.

BA students will attend a Leeds-based field day in October.

  • Click here for a list of things you will need.

These fieldtrips are a great opportunity for you to get to know fellow students and staff.

BA students; look forward to Montpellier, one of your fieldtrip options, in your second year!

BSc students; look forward to your trip to Malham!

Year in Industry and Abroad

Interested in applying for a Year in Industry or a Year Abroad?

  • Click here to hear from students who have been! You will be able to apply in Year 2 and you will be given details in your end of year meeting.


If you'd like to think ahead and see what you could be doing after your degree, take a look at our alumni profiles

Contacts in the School


Who should I contact in the Student Education Service Team?

How to find us? 

The SES team is based in room 7.35. First office immediately on your right from the main School of Geography entrance.