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Frequently Asked Questions

If the answer you’re looking for isn’t amongst those listed below, please contact our admissions officer.

I am thinking of applying to Leeds, how do I visit the department?

The best way to see everything that the School of Geography and the University of Leeds has to offer is to attend one of our open days. The University holds five large open days in June, September and October each year aimed at pre-applicants. These allow you to explore the campus as well as the department.

If your application is successful, you will be invited to attend a programme-specific open day where you will get to meet staff and students and find out more information on your chosen programme.

If you are unable to attend an open day we are happy to arrange an independent visit. Please contact the Admissions Officer to arrange this. The University also offers campus tours on Wednesday afternoons. You can book your place here.

How important is my personal statement on my UCAS application?

We consider all areas of your application including predicted grades, personal statement and academic reference. Therefore, it is important you think carefully about your personal statement and how well it demonstrates your enthusiasm for your chosen programme, as well as letting us know the qualities that you think make you a good applicant.

Am I eligible for the Access to Leeds scheme?

The Access to Leeds scheme is an alternative admissions scheme that allows us to identify applicants who have the potential to succeed at the University of Leeds but who may not be able to demonstrate their talents through grades alone. You may qualify for the scheme if you attend a school with a low GCSE pass rate or you are the first member of your family to apply to Higher Education. Or you may fulfill one of the other criteria. You can get further details and find out whether you are eligible here.

If you are successful in gaining a place on the scheme, you will receive an offer two grades lower than our standard offer, on the proviso that you successfully complete the Access to Leeds module.

Can I swap programmes if I find I don’t like the one I have chosen?

We ask that you make an effort to attend an open day and encourage you to ask as many questions as possible about the programme you have applied to. This way, you will know early on whether the programme is right for you. If you feel you have made the wrong choice, please contact the Admissions Officer who can give you further advice on how to change your course.

We understand that occasionally students only realise they have chose the wrong course once they have commenced study. If this is the case, please seek advice from staff in the department - it is sometimes possible to change between programmes in the first few weeks but this is dependent on many factors, most importantly whether there is space on the programme. Therefore, we would advise that, wherever possible, change of programme decisions are made prior to the August results period.

What happens if I miss my grades?

If you have narrowly missed out on your grades we may still be able to offer you a place on your chosen programme or, where appropriate, a related course within the department or elsewhere in the Faculty. If you have received your results and do not meet the requirements of your offer, please contact the department on results day when we can talk through your options.

I am resitting a subject this year and am due to get my results earlier than August. What do I do?

Please contact the Admissions Officer as soon as you receive your results. If you have met the conditions of your offer, we are normally able to confirm your place as soon as we have received official confirmation of the result from UCAS. If you have missed your offer, we are unable to make a decision until August so please call us on results day when we will be able to tell you the outcome of your application.

I am an international student. Is there anything I need to bear in mind when applying?

You can apply in the usual way through UCAS. We accept a wide range of international qualifications - please contact the Admissions Officer if you are unsure as to whether your qualifications are accepted. Please try to provide as much detail as possible on the qualifications you are taking and ensure that your referee provides predicted grades for all of the subjects you are studying. Without these, we are unable to consider you application and we will need to contact you and/or your referee which will hold up your application.

Is there any financial help available from the University?

There are a range of bursaries and scholarships available from the University that you may be eligible for. Please visit to find out more.

I want to study abroad as part of my degree. What are the costs involved?

If you wish to study abroad you will pay a reduced fee to Leeds and no fee to the overseas university. You can find more information under the ‘Study Abroad’ tab on your chosen course page.

How do I apply to do an industrial placement and how much does it cost?

All students receive information on the Year in Industry once they are at the University. If you decide you want to take part, we will give you advice on finding and applying for placements. Once you have secured a placement and it has been approved, you will transfer onto a four year ‘Industrial’ degree programme. You will pay a greatly reduced fee to Leeds for the duration of your placement. Salaries are set by individual employers. You can find more information under the ‘Year in Industry’ tab on your chosen course page.

How can I find out more about accommodation and how do I apply?

The best way to find out about the accommodation available to you, and to apply, is to visit the Accommodation website. Here you can find price lists for all the different residences as well as a description of each of them. Applicants are also encouraged to attend the Accommodation Viewing Day which is held in April each year and gives you the chance to visit all of the accommodation on offer here at Leeds. You can apply for accommodation from 01 November, once you have selected Leeds as either your firm or insurance choice. The deadline for applications is 01 July.

Can I choose to study part-time?

Some programmes offered by the School can be studied on a part-time basis, usually taking around 60 credits per year over a period of 5-6 years. Applicants are advised that they must adhere to timetables which have been arranged for full-time students; it is unfortunately not currently possible to offer our programmes on a day-release basis.

It is recommended that you contact the School of Geography admissions office in the first instance if you would like to discuss part-time attendance or any programme specifics.