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Training & facilities

Research Training

As a PhD student in the School of Geography, you will develop a range of research skills relevant to your project e.g. qualitative research methods, experimental design and maintenance, field sampling, chemical analysis, micropalaeontology, statistical analysis, data interpretation and presentation. This will be delivered either through formal training at the University, informal instruction by project supervisors/other qualified personnel, or through external courses where appropriate. For human geographers/social scientists, training is also provided through the White Rose ESRC Doctoral Training Centre. NERC funded students receive additional training through the Leeds-York NERC DTP

As well as developing important research skills, we recognise the importance of transferable skills such as communication, leadership and interpersonal skills which are valued by employers and will enhance your future employability. PhD students are offered an extensive range of courses in transferable skills through the  EME Researcher Training and Development Hub and through the University’s Staff and Departmental Development Unit (SDDU). Courses cover areas such as planning, time management, critical reading and writing, oral presentations, writing research papers, research methodologies and data handling.

PhD students benefit from an active research environment within the School of Geography and the University through a wide range of seminars, lectures and research groups. You will be given opportunities to present results and receive constructive feedback from peers in a Research Support Group and from colleagues in your research cluster. Additionally, both the School and the University hold annual research postgraduate conferences where students gain experience of presenting their research and receiving feedback. Students are also encouraged to submit papers for publication during their PhD and to attend national and international conferences.

Research Facilities


In March 2015, the School of Geography moved to fully refurbished premises in the centre of campus. We have a suite of state-of-the-art laboratories dedicated to research into soils, sediments, water quality, environmental chemistry, palaeoecology, and biogeochemistry, with an extensive range of sample preparation and analytical facilities. PhD students can also access many research facilities across the University. Students are supported by experienced technicians who will provide full training in the use of the research facilities.

Leeds University Library is one of the major academic research libraries of the UK, attracting students and scholars from around the world to its rich and extensive print, online and manuscript collections gathered during its 100-year history. The Library offers a variety of study environments, with over 3,900 study spaces across its three campus buildings, from silent individual study to vibrant group work areas. There are extensive computer facilities and the Library is wireless enabled throughout for laptop use.For more information, please click here