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Impact of long-term restoration on peatland hydrological processes

Supervisors: Prof Joseph Holden

Many UK blanket peatlands were drained during the second half of the 20th century using open cut ditches. However, these are now being blocked as part of peatland restoration initiatives. A number of sites exist where the blocking took place 15 years ago through to the present day. Data recently collected suggests that some hydrological processes might be fast to recover while others might be quite slow. However, no-one has ever done a comparative study to investigate differences in the hydrological processes at restoration sites where the restoration is of different ages (15 years to present) to see if they can identify temporal patterns. This technique (substituting space for time) could be used to advise practitioners and policy makers of restoration timescales from a hydrological perspective without having to monitor at one site for a very long period. Hence the project would involve field work combined with analysis of existing data from restoration sites.

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