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School of Geography

Ying Nan

Construction of religious space and religious change of the Tibetan Bon religion in China

Supervisors: Dr Robert Vanderbeck, Dr Paul Waley

Funding: School of Geography full fee scholarship & Chinese Scholarship Council

Choosing the Leeds School of Geography as the place to study my PhD has been by far the best and most significant decision in my life to date.

The main reason I chose Leeds was because of its strong research background. I’m excited to have the chance to work alongside world-renowned scholars who have created an inspiring, vigorous and comfortable research environment, and I’m grateful for having two inspiring and kind supervisors who always encourage me and provide me with constructive feedback in my research.

Day-to-day life as a PhD student can at times be tedious and lonely, but is also a truly enriching experience. I have access to the great variety of Library resources provided by the University; I attend many varied training courses; I enjoy taking part in seminars and conferences about or beyond my subject; and I love going to the gym to play badminton and squash!

Life in the School of Geography and in Leeds has been a fantastic experience for me. I have not only acquired expertise in the field of human geography, but I have also encountered many things as part of British culture that I’ve never seen or imagined before. There are so many mountains and rivers, as well as magnificent castles, museums, galleries throughout Britain just waiting for me to explore! I enjoy interacting with friends from different backgrounds and sharing experiences about our different cultures.

After I have finished my PhD, I plan to return to China as a researcher. But I will treasure the time I have spent here greatly and deeply. The knowledge and skills that I have learned at Leeds University, and the friends I have made here, will be my lifetime’s fortune.