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School of Geography

The spatial analysis of crime patterns in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Supervisors: Dr Andrew Evans, Dr Alison Heppenstall, Dr Nick Malleson

Why did you decide to study for a PhD, and why Leeds? 

When I was first awarded a Master’s degree in GIS, I wondered how it would help me in my career, which involved analysing crime. There is little use for sophisticated analysis techniques in the applications of criminology. Therefore, I decided to continue studying. Completing a PhD can help me significantly contribute to research in the field of spatial analysis of crime patterns and will help me improve my own work. 

The School of Geography has a reputation of excellence. These exceptional standards will allow me to build a strong foundation for my future in academia. For example, the school has great management, qualified teachers and excellent facilities such as computer rooms. It’s also a great place for me to research my topic because it has long been recognised among researchers nationally and internationally for its outstanding contributions to geography. A number of influential names in the geography field have worked as researchers, or staff, or graduated from the school. Furthermore, you can meet a wide variety of students from different countries. For these reasons, I decided to choose the school to continue my studies. 

What is your experience of PhD study in the School and what skills have you learnt? 

Since I started doing my PhD in the school, I have learnt many things; some are related directly to my subject, while others relate to the skills that can help me improve my ability to achieve the project. For example, I have learnt: 

  • Effective research methods, analysis and statistical techniques; 
  • IT skills; 
  • Methods for working collaboratively; 
  • Ways to manage my time and projects; and 
  • Strategies for dealing with stress. 

What are your career aspirations?

I would say that my main career aspiration is to find an exciting and challenging area in my career that builds on my research skills and knowledge, as well as on my working experience. The School of Geography has helped me to achieve this goal as I’ve been learning and improving my skills and developing ideas from research by people with experience in my field, which can hopefully lead me in the future to become an expert in the field.