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Luke Burns talks about his time as a PhD student at Leeds

Current student profiles

Kathryn Smith
Blanket peat

Ana Cabrera Pacheco
Maya Solar of

Alice Noble
Peatland Burning

Arizka Warganegara
Transmigration in Indonesia

Bruno Ladvocat
Tropical Ecology

Magaly Valencia Avellan
River contamination

Maxim Samson
Faith schools and identity

Marie Avril Berthet Meylan
Nightlife in Geneva

Will James
New Zealand glaciers

Stella Darby
Community empowerment

Greta Dargie
Tropical peatlands

Nawaf Alotaibi
Spatial analysis of

Owen King

Owen King
Early detection of Himalayan glacial lake development using remote sensing methods

Jessica Baker
Amazon hydrology

Adriane Esquivel Muelbert
Tropical forests

James Bell
Southern Ocean

Federico Venturini
Social ecology & urban

Scott Watson
Supraglacial lakes

Marta Giannichi
Conservation for private lands in Brazil

Alumni student profiles

Alice Owen
The impact of
green technology

Gemma Dooling
Managing peatlands

Fran Darlington
GIS:health inequalities

Ben Gillespie
Upland streams

Rosa Goodman
Tropical ecology

Michael Thomas
Modelling variations
in residential moves

Jing Ma

White Rose Etheses Online

White Rose Etheses online is an online repository of doctoral theses from the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York. It is part of a national - and international - network of open access online databases which promote access to research outputs so that they can be found, read, cited and built upon.

All PhD students who began their studies on or after September 2009 are required to submit an electronic copy of their final thesis to the repository.  To search the repository, please click here