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2 fully funded scholarships for Masters by Research study

The impact of climate change on Peruvian tropical forests 
Fully funded for Peruvian students:
Funder: Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Supervisor: Dr Tim Baker (t.r.baker(at)

Intact tropical forests are changing profoundly as a result of climate change: increasing temperatures and changing frequencies of floods and drought are altering forest composition and structure, and as a result, the services that these ecosystems provide. We need to quantify and understand these changes, and incorporate this information into the design and management of protected areas in the tropics.

Two, full, scholarships (including fees, stipend and travel costs) are available for suitably qualified applicants from Peru to undertake research projects related to this topic, based on the analysis of permanent forest plot data from the Andes-Amazon region of Peru. Specific research questions will be defined in conjunction with the successful applicants, but could involve community-wide analyses of compositional and structure change in these forests, or detailed analysis of the ecology and sensitivity to climate change of economically important species. These scholarships are part of the project, ‘Monitoring Protected Areas in Peru to Increase Forest Resilience to Climate Change’ funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation which aims to build capacity in Peru to monitor and understand the impact of climate change on the protected area network, and use this information to strengthen their management. As a result, priority will be given to applications from Peruvian students who demonstrate a commitment to contribute to conservation and forest management in the Andes-Amazon region of Peru after completing this course. During the MbR, you will have the opportunity to attend courses and training in data analysis and tropical ecology.

Proposed start date: 1 October 2017
Deadline for applications 1 May 2017

How to apply

To apply for these projects, you need to have completed your undergraduate degree in a relevant field, and obtained high marks. Please submit a statement of motivation of up to 500 words in English along with the other documents listed on our How to Apply page. Interviews will be held via Skype following the closing date for applications

For further information on  the requirements for Masters by Research study, please click here