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ESRC White Rose DTP: 1+3 and +3 funding

+3 funding

This route provides funding for a 3 year PhD.

Applicants applying for a +3 award must demonstrate that they have already completed the full social sciences research methods training requirements at masters level. i.e. to be eligible for a +3 award, the student must demonstrate that they have already completed substantial social sciences training in research methods which would enable them to undertake an independent research project in a particular discipline or interdisciplinary field. A candidate must have at least 60 credits at Masters level of core social sciences research methods training acquired in the last five years. This must include a broad range of methods, including quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods and the use of appropriate software/tools for their application, and comprehension of principles of research design and strategy, and an appreciation of alternative approaches to research.  For more details on +3 eligibility see the FAQs here

1+3 funding

This route funds an integrated Masters programme (MA Social Research (interdisciplinary) followed by 3 years of PhD study.

Successful applicants will do the MA in Social Research (Interdisciplinary) at the University of Leeds from September 2018 followed by 3 years funding for PhD study from October 2019.  This route is for applicants who do not currently hold a relevant Masters degree or a who hold a Masters degree which does not demonstrate an appropriate level of research training in the social sciences to proceed directly to PhD (see above).  If you are unclear which funding route you are eligible for, please submit your PhD application to the School of Geography and the ESRC online scholarship form and we will guide you further.  Please note you do not need to apply directly for the MA in Research Methods (Interdisciplinary) as you will be offered a place on it automatically if this is the most appropriate route for you and your funding application is successful.