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School of Geography

Quality and quantity of ecosystem services under different institutional arrangements.

Supervisors: Prof Jon Lovett & Dr Paul Kay

The UK government Natural Environment White Paper sets out four ambitions: protecting and improving our natural environment, growing a green economy, reconnecting people and nature, international and EU leadership. The proposed project will target the first three of these ambitions through interdisciplinary scientific research and the fourth ambition through involvement in international and European networks. The project is a partnership with the ecosystem approach work of Natural England (NE) and will focus on the upland pilot projects established by NE. The research will build on existing foundations created by NE for monitoring, modelling and valuing ecosystem services in the pilot studies to bring together interacting processes in the sites using a systems-based approach. The primary aim of the project is to investigate the quantity and quality of ecosystem services provided under different institutional arrangements. The project will initially define an institutional framework in the NE pilot sites, which will then be used to create categories within which ecosystem service provision will be assessed.