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Edidiong Chioma Amos

At first, it was like a tall dream... an online degree? With mixed sentiments of self-study and leaving my family to relocate to the UK for a year, the ODL MSc in GIS offered by the University of Leeds couldn’t have come at a better time. It was almost impossible to believe that the program is tailored in a way that suits one’s situation and purpose and is incredibly flexible.

I opted for the Web-based GIS, and I can proudly say this course made me pick interest in JAVA, PHP & HTML. A geographer turned programmer, all thanks to this program! I’ve proudly undertaken projects that involve programming and I’m so thankful that I did not miss this wonderful opportunity.

The staff support was incredible. There was never a single moment I felt if I was in the UK, things would have been done differently. The staff are simply wonderful and selfless. Particular thanks go to Helen Durham and Andrew Evans who contributed immensely to the success of my program.

Not only did I obtain a Master’s degree from Leeds, the university also has given me a tool to work with after studies. Here’s a link to my project site for hospital locations for emergency response in Abuja, Nigeria (

Gareth Davies

Network Performance Engineer, United Utilities 

I work for United Utilities (the water / waste water supplier to North West England) and when my company offered me the opportunity to develop my GIS knowledge through further education I decided to apply for the course at Leeds.  I can say now that the course did not disappoint.  The support I received from the tutors couldn’t have been better and the quality of the materials was superb.  As an extra bonus I got to find out about the lives and careers of my fellow students from all over the world and how they apply GIS in their workplace – adding context to the course beyond that which I had expected. 

During the course my company was implementing a brand new GIS and this course gave me the tools I needed to successfully deliver that project and contributed to my career development immeasurably.  The course was delivered in a flexible timeframe that allowed me to focus on my job at the same time. 

I have now moved to a new role within the company but still use my GIS skills every day and am considered by my peers to be an expert in this area thanks to the knowledge imparted by this course.  If anyone wants to study GIS to a higher level while holding down a job then look no further – this course is for you!