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School of Geography

Peatland response to recent climate warming in the Alaskan North Slope

Supervisors: Dr Graeme Swindles (g.t.swindles(at) and Dr Paul Morris.

There is much concern about the effects of climate warming on permafrost peatlands. This project will focus on developing new multi-proxy palaeoecological records from frozen peatlands in northern Alaska. The data will be used to evaluate the influence of recent climate change on vegetation communities, carbon accumulation, permafrost dynamics and hydrology.

Dr Swindles welcomes enquires for MSc by Research in the following areas:  Environmental change; Quaternary science; climate change and palaeoclimate; palaeoecology and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction; Arctic, temperate and tropical peatlands; microbial ecology and micropalaeontology (testate amoebae); volcanic ash and volcano-climate interactions.