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Deirdre Conlon, Nancy Hiemstra and Alison Mountz (2017) Spatial Control: Geographical Approaches to the Study of Immigration Detention. The paper is published as part of Geneva-based research centre, the Global Detention Project's working paper series, and is available online here.

Katie McQuaid, Robert Vanderbeck, Jane Plastow, Gill Valentine, Chen Liu, Lily Chen, Mei Zhang & Kristina Diprose (2017) Intergenerational Community-Based Research and Creative Practice: Promoting Environmental Sustainability in Jinja, Uganda.  Journal of Intergenerational Relationships 15(4): 389-410. See here

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Alex Schafran, Giorgia Aiello, Theresa Enright & Yohann Le Moigne, “Rendering a Redeveloped France”, Metropolitics, 7 June 2017. See here. This piece, which will be published as well in French, is a product of work done by students in GEOG 3820 (Research Placement).

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Zebracki M. (in press) Urban Preservation and the Queerying Spaces of (Un)remembering: Memorial Landscapes of the Miami Beach Art Deco Historic District. Urban Studies.

Zebracki M. (in press) Regenerating a Coastal Town Through Art: Dismaland and the (L)imitations of Antagonistic Art Practice in the City. Cities. 

Zebracki M. (in press) Queerying Public Art in Digitally Networked Space. ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies.

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Books and book chapters

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