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  • David Bell has been a co-investigator on the Donut Group Pilot Project, investigating small cultural venues on the outskirts of Leeds city centre. The project has explored how three of the Donut organisations (Left Bank, HUB and Chapel FM) operate, the make-up of their audiences, and their connections to their neighbourhoods. Originally part of the Leeds 2023 research, the project was funded by Leeds City Council and the University. Zac Taylor and Alex Miller worked as research interns on the project. The launch event for the project findings takes place on 4 July at the Workshop Theatre; see here for more information.

  • Michael Janoschka gave a lecture on “Neoliberalism reloaded? - Challenges, change and continuity in post-crisis Spanish local governance coalitions” at the Urban Studies Seminar Series of the School of Social and Political Sciences (University of Glasgow).

  • Paul Routledge has conducted a research seminar entitled ‘Space Invaders: radical geographies of protest’ at the Agro-cultural Territories in the Amazon conference, University of Cardiff.

  • Paul Routledge was Keynote Speaker, entitled ‘Climate Games: Spatial Strategies of Protest’ for the AHRC Conference, ‘Revolt in the Square: spatial modeling of conflict and urban conditions’ University of Leeds.

  • Michael Janoschka was invited to present preliminary results of his research on advances and limits of political change in Spanish municipalities at a research seminar at the School of Social and Urban Policy of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain.

  • Alex Miller was invited to attend an interdisciplinary workshop on 'Meaningful objects and their role in health and mental wellbeing' at the University of York, where he gave a talk entitled 'Hoarded Things: Excess, Context and Contestation'
  • Martin Zebracki provided the public lecture How Do We Care? Geographies of Art and Urban Recovery in the School of Geography, The University of Melbourne. This lecture was connected with his Leeds Researcher Mobility Award CARED: Community Art and Recovery in Environments Disrupted by Disasters.

  • Martin Zebracki has, relatedly, convened two public-art policy review meetings at Christchurch City Council and will deliver the seminar Art and Post-Disaster Recovery: Creating Space for Social Difference in Christchurch, New Zealand at the Geography Department, University of Canterbury.

  • Martin Zebracki will, moreover, present preliminary research findings in the address How Did We Care? in the Urban Research Program Seminar Series, School of Social Sciences and Psychology, Western Sydney University. Furthermore, he will put insights into Asia-Pacific post-disaster perspective in a seminar at the Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore.

  • The Spanish newspaper Público published an interview with Michael Janoschka about the effects of touristification in Madrid.

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