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Linking NERC science with user needs for the Water Framework Directive

PI: Viki Hirst

Overview: The focus of this KE fellowship is to build relationships for exchanging knowledge and science capabilities between water related NERC grants and studentships at water@leeds with businesses and policy makers directly involved with delivering the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD). The fellowship aims to maximise impact in delivering the WFD by translating the relevant science for business and policy makers, which is essential for them to prepare for the future. There is a significant opportunity to gain advantage from existing research available by looking at it with new eyes from a WFD perspective. Whilst many existing NERC water projects have not directly focussed upon WFD, when scrutinised and put into business terms they will provide a wealth knowledge to help users and practitioners prepare for delivery of the directives' requirements. Without this fellowship, the potential use of current academic knowledge will not be realised and costs of implementing WFD will be higher. By interpreting and sharing the existing water@leeds science-base that is of use to WFD policy and practice and developing relationships between businesses and policy makers, value and efficiencies will be realised through applying knowledge to practical implementation. This means using science knowledge for developing strategies, informing policy decisions and improving understanding of environmental effects in relation to compliance with the WFD. Through building targeted partnerships with business, policy and water@leeds the fellowship will help foster a new focus of collaborative and impact-focussed research activity with stakeholders, which is likely to generate long lasting future partnerships with business. The fellow has significant experience of working with WFD, and has undergone extensive engagement with senior practitioners to agree priority areas of work for the fellowship with key organisations (Environment Agency, Yorkshire Water, Natural England). This project delivers to NERC's KE priority on water security and in particular on the integrated catchment management strand. To do this the project focuses on improving the UK's ability to implement and adhere to the WFD.

Start date: 1 April 2011

End date: 31 March 2014

Funder: Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), Knowledge Exchange Fellowship

Grant reference: NE/J500549/1

Details: NERC Grants on the Web