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Effect of wildfire on Marsden Moor

PI: Sheila Palmer

Co-I: Joseph Holden, Lee Brown

PDRA: Antony Blundell

There was a fire at Marsden Moor in April 2011 which covered >500 hectares and affected >55% of a catchment that is important for providing drinking water. Before the fire, the catchment was typical of upland peat-dominated catchments in Yorkshire, with more than 30% shrub cover. There was no prescribed burning at Marsden Moor before the wildfire. Some monitoring was in place as part of the EMBER project looking at stream and plot scale DOC. The Wildfire project continued monitoring of ex-EMBER plus additional sites in order to: i) to test whether the recent wildfire at Marsden Moor had a detrimental effect on water quality and in particular on DOC/colour; ii) to determine the time to recovery at EMBER sites and at other streams that contribute to drinking water intakes; iii) to compare colour/DOC concentrations and seasonal patterns post fire to records before the fire. 

Start date: October 2011

End date: September 2013

Funder: Yorkshire Water