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Kay, P., Hiscoe, R., Moberley, I., Bajic, L., McKenna, N. (2018). Wastewater treatment plants as a source of microplastics in river catchments. Environmental Science and Pollution Research.

Eze, S., Palmer, S.M., Chapman, P.J. In press. Soil organic carbon in grasslands: effects of inorganic fertilizers, liming and grazing in different climate settings. Journal of Environmental Management. See here

King, M., Altdorff, D., Li, P., Galagedara, L., Holden, J., Unc, A. (2018) Northward shift of the agricultural climate zone under 21st-century global climate change. Scientific Reports, 8, Article number: 7904, doi:10.1038/s41598-018-26321-8.  See here.

Jumadi; Heppenstall, A.J.; Malleson, N.S.; Carver, S.J.; Quincey, D.J.; Manville, V.R. Modelling Individual Evacuation Decisions during Natural Disasters: A Case Study of Volcanic Crisis in Merapi, Indonesia. Geosciences 2018, 8, 196. See here.

Jiren Xu, Paul Morris, Junguo Liu, Joseph Holden. 2018. Hotspots of peatland-derived potable water use identified by global analysis. Nature Sustainability. See here. This research has also been reported by University of Leeds News – see here

Eze, S., Palmer, S.M., Chapman, P.J. In press. Negative effects of climate change on upland grassland productivity and carbon fluxes are not attenuated by nitrogen status. Science of the Total Environment.

Eze, S., Palmer, S.M. and Chapman, P.J. (2018) Upland grasslands in northern England were atmospheric carbon sinks regardless of management regimes. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 256–257; 231–241

Christopher D Evans, Michael Peacock, Sophie M. Green, Joseph Holden, Pippa J. Chapman, Inma Lebron, Nathan Callaghan, Richard Grayson, and Andrew J. Baird. (2018). The impact of ditch-blocking on fluvial carbon export from a UK blanket bog. Hydrological Processes.

Rasheed, H., Kay, P., Slack, R. and Gong, Y.Y. (2018) Arsenic species in wheat, raw and cooked rice: Exposure and associated health implications. Science of the Total Environment. 634, pp.366-373. Available here.

Griffiths, J., Zhu F.-F., Chan F. and Higgitt D. (2018) [In press] Modelling the impact of sea-level rise on urban flood probability in SE China. Geoscience Frontiers. Available here.

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