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  • Several members of the RBPM cluster presented posters and oral papers at the EGU Conference 2018, in Vienna.

  • Paul Kay and Lee Brown contributed to the Chief Medical Officer for England's annual report, following their recent papers on pharmaceutical pollution in rivers.

  • The EMBER project (Lee Brown, Joseph Holden, and Sheila Palmer) was discussed in a recent Guardian article written by George Monbiot which severely criticizes UK national parks.

  • Paul Kay's response to the Environmental Audit Committee's consultation on nitrate pollution was published on their website.

  • Last week, Megan Klaar was one of three academics invited to attend the Government’s Water Framework Directive UK Technical Advisory Group (UKTAG) meeting on environmental flow standards. More information on the Government’s options for revising water abstractions is available here.

  • Claire Cooper’s new paper in Earth Science Reviews was reported as a popular science article in IOP’s Environmental Research Web: “Climate change may increase volcanism as planet warms”.

  • An editorial in this week's edition of Nature highlighted the work of the River Basins Cluster in supporting the water industry in its major catchment management decisions and business operations.

  • Asib Ahmed has been awarded 'Leeds for Life' conference award recently to attend in ICCE conference 2018, USA.

  • Marie Arnaud has been awarded by the National Geographic Explorer Grant.

  • Oliver Fritsch gave a talk at Durham University. Title: "Water Resources Management and the Politics of Exemptions".

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