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School of Geography

Centre for Spatial Analysis and Policy (CSAP)

Leeds has a long tradition of providing cutting-edge analysis techniques and policy predictions based on the latest science and information. The Centre for Spatial Analysis and Policy (CSAP) builds on that tradition by developing innovative ways of looking at the world to understand business, society and the environment at different spatial scales and by providing applied or policy-related analyses of geographical behaviour.

Our research interests

We have wide-ranging research interests in quantitative geography

Our particular research interests include population dynamics, migration, geodemographics, retailing,
education and health. We have specific expertise in
analysis and modelling methods including microsimulation, agent-based modelling, spatial interaction models, AI techniques, demographic estimation and projection, and applications of GIS.

We have strong commercial and public-sector links

Whilst much of our research is UK Research Council funded, we also undertake research in partnership with a number of European, national, regional and local public sector institutions as well as private sector organisations.

We provide education and training appropriate for both academic and commercial worlds

We teach Masters programmes and Undergraduate modules based on our latest research, enabling students to acquire quantitative skills that are in demand in the real world as well as training for academic research careers.

Regional Review

Latest addition and archive of the Regional Review

Latest News 

Alison Heppenstall was an invited panel member at the ESRC International Benchmarking Review of Human Geography (Quant Methods and GIS) held at the RGS, London on Tuesday 28 May.

On Tuesday 15 May, Nick Malleson attended a meeting in London that was organised by the Royal Statistical Society to discuss the "International Crime
Drop". Despite media depictions, crime has fallen substantially in most western countries since the 1990s regardless of their attitudes to crime and justice. The
meeting was organised to discuss the reasons behind this phenomena. More information is available here.

On Friday 18 May, Mark Birkin was invited to present a paper entitled "Spatial Microsimulation and Crime Analysis" at the launch event for the Crime, Policing
and Citizenship (CPC) project, more details on which can be found here.

The ESRC has awarded a grant to John Stillwell to coordinate the development of a Census Support Service as part of a new UK Data Service (UKDS) providing researchers with one-stop shop access to social science data, including the results of the 2011 Census. Worth £2.5million in total, the grant involves collaboration with existing Census Programme Data Support Units at Manchester, Edinburgh and UCL.