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Application Process

In order for us to consider your application please email a CV concentrating on your experience, if any, with computers and computer programming and your background in social science to: Rosie Temple

Please also include a brief description in the box below of what you'd like to get out of the course, especially focusing on any analysis tools or modelling you would like to build based on your experience of the course. You do not need to have programmed before, but you may, for example, have used Excel equations or similar, which would be useful to know.

You can be as generic or specific as you like; we should note that any academic ideas involved will be kept confidential within the group and we will not expect any kind of attribution for any help given during the week - this is your work, we're just keen that you find the course as useful as possible and get a hands-on chance to get started. If you don't have a toolkit or model you'd like to build, we can supply you with something to work up that might be helpful in your area. (max 750 words):

Please remember to email your CV to Rosie Temple as we are unable to process applications without a CV.


The deadline for applications is 23 May 2014. If you have any queries please contact Rosie Temple.