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School of Geography

Intergenerational Geographies: Spaces, Identities, Relationships, Encounters

A conference organised by the Citizenship and Belonging Research Cluster
School of Geography, University of Leeds

Friday 11 May 2012 (with opening event and panel on the evening of Thursday 10 May)

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Alan Hatton-Yeo, Beth Johnson Foundation/Centre for Intergenerational Practice
  • Valerie Walkerdine, University of Cardiff
  • Claudine Attias-Donfut, Centre Edgar Morin (CNRS-EHESS), France
  • Jacqui Gabb, the Open University
  • Ruth Evans, University of Reading
  • Irene Hardill, University of Northumbria
  • Kirsi Pauliina Kallio, University of Tampere, Finland
  • Gill ValentineRobert VanderbeckLouise Waite, and Nancy Worth (School of Geography, University of Leeds)

Geographical research on age has traditionally been divided into separate bodies of literature on the young and old. However, there has been growing recognition in recent years of the value of an intergenerational approach-an approach that seeks to explore the nature of generational divisions while also recognising the significant and complex ways in which members of different generations are (and can be) involved in each other's lives. How does space facilitate and limit intergenerational contact and the nature of intergenerational relationships, both within and beyond families? How do the geographies of intergenerational relationships vary between social groups and contexts? And if generational separation and segregation are in fact problems-as a significant body of research and commentary attests-how can this be ameliorated? Social scientists have provided some partial answers to these questions, yet more research is urgently needed if we are to achieve the vision of a 'society for all ages' championed, in different forms, by the United Nations, European Commission, and national and local governments.
This conference is designed to explore advances and new developments in research on the geographies of intergenerational relationships (including both familial and extra-familial relationships). The event will include keynote panels and a series of paper sessions. Abstracts are invited on themes including (but not limited to):

  • Migration and intergenerational relations
  • Spaces of intergenerational encounter
  • Generational identities during times of economic crisis
  • Patterns and processes of age segregation/integration
  • Gender, sexuality, and intergenerational relationships
  • The intergenerational transmission, negotiation, and contestation of values, beliefs, faiths, and practices
  • Intergenerational justice
  • Strategies and methodologies for researching intergenerationality

The main conference will take place on Friday, 11 May 2012 at the University of Leeds. The conference will be preceded by a keynote panel discussion and wine reception starting at 6pm on Thursday, 10 May 2012.

The deadline for conference registration is Friday 27 April