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Talisman Summer School: Computer Programming for Social Scientists

21-27 July 2014

This hands-on seven day summer school aims to bring social scientists without any programming experience to the point where they can program their own social science models and applications. It will provide a beginner's-level introduction to computer programming using examples drawn from social science. It will also introduce key libraries, methodologies, and platforms available for social science programmers. 

2015 Feminist and Women's Studies Association (FWSA) Conference - Everyday encounters with violence: Critical feminist perspectives, 09-11 September 2015

This three-day conference aims to create an inclusive and supportive space for scholars at all career levels to come together in a supportive environment to engage in critical feminist perspectives on violence. We draw upon a wide definition of violence from sources in the arts, humanities and social sciences, seeing this both as an everyday social force inflicting harm, suffering, grief and trauma and as a transformative force that produces gendered agency, social action and resistance. 


An Introduction to Spatial Microsimulation Using R  

Date of event: 18 – 19 September 2014. Last Booking Date for this Event: 10 September 2014
Location: University of Cambridge
Places available: 25
Instructor: Dr Robin Lovelace

Description:Spatial microsimulation is a statistical method by which individual-level data is generated for small areas by combining national surveys with geographically aggregated census data. Much has been written about the technique in academic journals, but there has been less work explaining the practicalities of its implementation, generally, and its customisation for specific purposes.  Journal articles have tended to present key results, but not the underlying code, therefore hindering reproducibility. This 1.5 day course fills this knowledge gap taking an explicitly practical and pragmatic approach to spatial microsimulation. Its aim is to allow attendees to harness spatial microsimulation for their own needs by providing example data and code. To this end the course uses R, a free, open source and extensible statistical language that is becoming the de facto standard for statistical analysis.

Experience: Some experience with R is highly recommended. No prior knowledge of spatial microsimulation is assumed (but would be useful): we will begin from first principles, using simple examples to ensure understanding of every step. Content too will be directed to participants' needs. For more information on the course, please see the NCRM working paper on which the course is based ( ). Example data and code will be provided with explanation of how to modify the method tackling specific research problems.

To book:
For more information contact: Rosie Temple at r.temple(at) Amy O'Neill at a.oneill(at) or on 0113 343 3535


Tackling labour exploitation among refugees and asylum seekers in the UK

This FREE workshop is aimed at any organisation, campaign group or individual working with and supporting refugees and asylum seekers at risk of labour exploitation. The workshop will help participants to:

  • understand why refugees and asylum seekers are at risk of forced labour and exploitation in the UK
  • identify signs of forced labour, trafficking and other forms of labour exploitation
    consider options and responses available to both affected migrants and you
  • think about how your organisation can help to improve information, awareness and support for refugees and asylum seekers in precarious labour situations

We are holding three FREE workshops in London, Leeds and Manchester. For more information visit:

Feel free to get in touch with any questions.

School Seminar Series

Seminars are open to everyone and take place in the School of Geography lecture theatre, East building (building no 36 on campus map).  For more information and to join the Geography Seminar Series email list contact Dr Karen Bacon or Dr Martin Zebracki

Cluster Events

For details of events by the Cities & Social Justice cluster visit this page.

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