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TROBIT: Tropical Biomes in Transition

PI: Emanuel Gloor (University of Leeds)

Co-I: Pippa Chapman (University of Leeds), Patrick Meir (University of Edinburgh), Peter Cox (University of Exeter), Yadvinder Malhi (University of Oxford), Michael Bird (James Cook University), Oliver Phillips (University of Leeds), Jonathan Lloyd (University of Leeds), Liane G. Benning (University of Leeds), John Grace (University of Edinburgh), Mark New (University of Oxford), France Gerard (NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology), F.I. Woodward (University of Sheffield), Douglas Parker (University of Exeter), Simon Lewis (University of Leeds)

Overview: TROBIT, which stands for Tropical Biomes in Transition, is a consortium of leading UK climate modellers, micrometeorologists, climatologists, earth observation scientists, vegetation modellers, ecologists, soil scientists and plant physiologists. We examine the role of tropical biome transitions in affecting the magnitude and rate of future climate change. The project has strong links to established local collaborators on three continents. Taken as a whole, TROBIT is a multidisciplinary model-data development program with the specific objective of obtaining new and better predictions of the state of the future Earth System.

Start Date: 04 April 2006

End Date: 03 May 2013

Funder: Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Consortium Grant

Grant Reference: NE/D005590/1

Details: NERC Grants on the Web and