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Mobility, Climate and Culture: Re-modelling the Irish Iron Age

PI: Professor Ian Armit (University of Bradford)

Co-I: Dr Graeme Swindles (University of Leeds)

Overview: Until recently, the Irish Iron Age was known only through a few monumental ‘royal’ sites, long-distance boundary systems, and occasional deposits of metalwork. In contrast to Britain, evidence for the daily lives of Iron Age people in Ireland was virtually absent, leading to suggestions of demographic collapse and/or abandonment of sedentary lifestyles at the end of the Bronze Age. Large-scale development works associated with Ireland’s recent economic boom, however, revealed a mass of potential new evidence for Iron Age settlement, economic & industrial activity. Advances in palaeoenvironmental research have additionally identified evidence for rapid climate change and alternating phases of human impact at this time. Building on these developments, we will re-evaluate evidence for the period 900 BC – AD 400, with an emphasis on subsistence strategies, residential mobility, demography, climate & environmental change. The aim is to develop innovative new interpretations of human settlement in Ireland which address the complex inter-relationships between people and their environment.

Start Date: 01/12/2010

End Date: 30/11/2011

Funder: British Academy

Grant Reference: British Academy Research Development Award (BARDA)

Details: Contact g.t.swindles(at)