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Watson, E.J., Swindles, G.T., Savov, I.P., Lawson, I.T., Connor, C.B. and Wilson J.A. (2017) Estimating the frequency of volcanic ash clouds over northern Europe. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 460, pp.41-49.

Stas, S.M., Rutishauser, E., Chave, J., Anten, N.P.R. and Laumonier, Y. (2017) Estimating the aboveground biomass in an old secondary forest on limestone in the Moluccas, Indonesia: Comparing locally developed versus existing allometric models. Forest Ecology and Management. 389, pp27-34.

Stas, S.M., Langbroek, E.M, Bitariho, R., Sheil, D., and Zuidema, P.A. (2016) Matrix population models indicate that bark harvest of two medicinal plants in Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is sustainable. African Journal of Ecology.

Kelly, TJ, Lawson, IT, Roucoux, KH, Baker, TR, Jones, TD, Sanderson NK (2016). The vegetation history of an Amazonian domed peatland. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology.

Phillips, O. and Brienen, R. (in press) Carbon uptake by mature Amazon forests has mitigated Amazon nations' carbon emissions. Carbon Balance and Management.

Malhi Y., C.A.J. Girardin, G.R. Goldsmith, C.E. Doughty, N. Salinas, D.B. Metcalfe, W. Huaraca Huasco, J.E. Silva-Espejo, J. del Aguila-Pasquel, F. Farfán Amézquita, L.E.O.C. Aragão, R. Guerrieri, W. Farfan-Rios, O.L. Phillips, P. Meir, and M. Silman (2016) The variation of productivity and its allocation along a tropical elevation gradient: a whole carbon budget perspective. New Phytologist.

Bacon, K.L. and Peacock, J. (2016) Making the most of the university campus for teaching ecology. New Directions in the Teaching of Physical Sciences, 11(1)

Baker, J.C.A. et al. (2016) What drives interannual variation in tree ring oxygen isotopes in the Amazon? Geophysical Research Letters

Ziv, G.,  Mullin, K.,  Boeuf, B.,  Fincham, W., Taylor, N.,  Villalobos-Jiménez, G., von Vittorelli, L., Wolf, C.,  Fritsch, O.,  Strauch, M.,  Seppelt, R., Volk, M. and Beckmann, M. (2016) Water Quality is a Poor Predictor of Recreational Hotspots in England, PLoS One 11(11) 

Coelho de Souza, F; Dexter, Kyle; Phillips, O; Brienen, R; Chave, Jérôme; Galbraith, D; Lopez-Gonzalez, G; Monteagudo Mendoza, Abel; Pennington, Toby; Poorter, Lourens; Alexiades, Miguel; Álvarez-Dávila, Esteban; Segalin de Andrade, Ana; Aragao, Luiz; Araujo-Murakami, Alejandro; Arets, Eric; Aymard, Gerardo; Baraloto, Christopher; Barroso, Jorcely; Bonal, Damien; Boot, Rene; Camargo, José; Comiskey, James; Cornejo Valverde, Fernando; Camargo, Plinio; Di Fiore, Anthony; Elias, Fernando; Erwin, Terry; Feldpausch, Ted; Ferreira, Leandro; Fyllas, Nikolaos; Gloor, E; Baker, TR (in press) Evolutionary heritage influences Amazon tree ecology. Proceedings of the Royal Society B

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