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  • Rob Pheasant delivered an invited paper in the ‘Sound and Vibration in Urban Environments Structured Session of the 24th International Congress on Sound and Vibration in London, titled ‘An investigation into the annoyance of cattle grid noise’.

  • Marta Giannichi attended ATBC 2017 (Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation's annual meeting in Merida, Mexico) and won the Alwyn Gentry award for best poster presentation.

  • Sarah Batterman participated in the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation's annual meeting in Merida, Mexico, July 10-12, and gave an invited talk on "Capturing the function of nitrogen fixation in the tropical forest carbon sink" in the special symposium, "Modeling tropical forest dynamics and element cycles in an era of global change."
  • A successful workshop to support small-scale indigenous and other rural seed collectors in the Xingu region has just been completed, as part of our effort to provide practical advice in acquiring Amazon tree seeds from useful species, improving seed viability, and exchanging seeds among communities. The workshop was led by dynamic collaborator Profa. Beatriz Marimon (UNEMAT). ISA's website reports on the collaboration.

  • A new EGC Newton Fund British Council Institutional Links project has kicked off in Brazil. RAINFOR, Oliver Phillips, Roel Brienen and Sarah Batterman are collaborating with Rede de Sementes do Xingu (RSX), Instituto Socioambiental (ISA), community/environment-focused NGOs in Brazil.
  • Tim Baker is part of a team awarded a new NERC grant for the project ‘Carbon storage in Amazonian peatlands: distribution and dynamics’, led by Ian Lawson (St Andrews).
  • Further coverage of the pan-tropical analyses of tropical forest diversity and carbon storage which Martin Sullivan and our group recently led. The original paper can be found here. Though biodiversity and carbon storage have been linked in past forest research, our study using Amazon, Congo and Borneo data found no consistent relationship.
  • Martin SullivanOliver Phillips, and Simon Lewis wrote an invited piece for the Conversation on African rainforests, why they are different and in need of protection.  This follow from our article in January in Nature Scientific Reports in which we analysed how tropical forest carbon and biodiversity co-vary locally, regionally, and pantropical. Understanding this relationship is crucial, given that protecting carbon and conserving species are the two major global challenges for tropical conservation.

  • Sarah Batterman visited the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama and gave a talk entitled "Resolving the role of the nitrogen fixation strategy in the tropical carbon cycle" at the Center for Tropical Forest Science's forest ecology meeting on 6 June.

  • Jon Lovett helped to run a training course in bioenergy at Makerere University, Uganda 26-30 June as part of his Royal Society Renewable Energy Capacity Building project.

  • Alan Grainger gave interviews on the BBC World Service (11 May) and German Public Radio (12 May) to publicize the paper he has co-authored (with Nikee Groot and others) on measuring the global area of dry forest, and which is the cover story in this week's issue of Science.

  • Alan Grainger visited Bonn on 27-28 April to attend the latest meeting of the Science-Policy Interface of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification.

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