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  • Simon Lewis has a new popular science book out, called The Human Planet: How we created the Anthropocene, co-authored with Mark Maslin, published by Penguin. Described by one reviewer as “Brilliantly written and genuinely one of the most important books I have ever read.” See here.

  • Jon Lovett was an invited participant at the conference "Spaces of Translation and Translations of Space” at the Université Paris-Sorbonne as part of the Language and Nature project
  • Jon Lovett gave a lecture on 'Natural Capital and the Commodification of Nature' in the Leeds Sadler Seminar Series on 'Language and Nature'.

  • Jon Lovett attended a training workshop in Kampala, Uganda on 'Holistic Approaches to Renewable Energy Project Management' together with Andy Ross from Chemical Engineering and Sian Evans from Research and Innovation services, as part of his Royal Society - DfID project on capacity building for renewable energy in Africa.

  • Tim Baker, with Katy Roucoux, Ian Lawson and Tom Kelly, wrote a piece for the Conversation that discusses the importance of our work on the impact of indigenous people on forest cover in Amazonian Peru, for engaging urban populations in Amazonia in debates about conservation today. See here.
  • An article by Oliver Phillips and Adriane Esquivel Muelbert is published in a magazine aimed at A-level Geography students UK-wide.  The article on Deforestation, Climate Change and the Carbon Cycle, features on the front cover of this month’s Geography Review.

  • Karen Bacon, Fiona Gill (SEE) and Nichola Wood were awarded a Leeds Museums and Galleries/University of Leeds Cross Disciplinary Innovation Fund to fund a short studentship on Investigating alkaloid preservation in herbarium specimens and potential social implications of storing plants with alkaloids. 

  • Bart Crezee’s PhD research was featured in the evening news on France 2 last week, discussing the peatlands of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and their role in combating climate change. View the video here.

  • Karen Bacon, Julie Peacock and student Kearti Mondair attended the Be Curious event to discuss plant blindness with attendees. 
  • Karen Bacon attended the 2018 Lyell Meeting at the Geological Society and presented a talk entitled "Considering the impact of SO2 on plants across the Triassic-Jurassic boundary".

Archived news can be found here