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Professor Martin Jones

Professor Martin Jones

Department of Geography

University of Sheffield

0114 222 8377


When this project started Martin was at the Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, University of Aberystwyth but he has now moved (since Sept 2013) to the Department of Geography, University of Sheffield. He will mainly act as a general mentor for the young network members. Professor Martin Jones has an exceptional track record in research, publications, and academic leadership. He has produced over 100 publications of all kinds and has built an international research reputation in the broad area of economic and political geography. He has produced academic knowledge that is theoretically challenging, empirically grounded and philosophically critical. Prof Jones has reworked the role of political economy and brought policy relevance to human geography. Therefore Prof Jones brings to this project research management experience, academic leadership through proven international research distinction, the experience to deliver this project and the networks to disseminate its findings. 

Overview of Martin:
Martin’s current research is examining socio-spatial relations, geographies of compossibility, regions in geography and ‘new localities’ therein.

Professor Martin Jones completed both a BA (1992) and a PhD (1997) in Human Geography at the University of Manchester, in 1992 and 1997 respetively. He was a Research Fellow in the School of Geography at the University of Manchester from 1996 to 1998 before joining the University of Aberystwyth in September 1998, becoming a Reader in March 2002 and a Professor in June 2004. He was Director of the Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences between 2004 and 2007 and is currently Dean of Social Sciences.

His research interests include economic development and economic governance, state spatiality and the geographies of state power, nature and the state, and space & time in Geography. His current teaching is focused on an MA in in Local and Regional Development, where he teaches both the theory, history and practise of state intervention.