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Dr Ugo Rossi

Dr Ugo Rossi


Department of Economic-Social Mathematic-statistical Sciences

University of Torino 



When this project started Dr Ugo Rossi was based at the University of Cagliari. Since October 2012 he has been based at the University of Turin. He will contribute in the following ways: organisationally his experience in editorial roles will ensure an efficient dissemination strategy; empirically he will be in charge of the Cagliari case study building on previous work on urban politics, cultural policy and current research on entrepreneurialisation of urban governance and carry out fieldwork for over 2 weeks at another case study location (possibly Barcelona or Brussels); and theoretically he will bring expertise on critical urban political geography and his study of political theory will widen the network’s reflections of the current crisis to more general issues of politics in contemporary society.

Overview of Ugo:
Dr. Ugo Rossi completed his PhD in Development Geography in 2003 after graduating in Political Sciences in 1998 at the University of Naples. Both his graduate and doctoral theses were supervised by the late Professor Pasquale Coppola. In 2000-01 he spent a year in the UK for a Master's degree in Urban and Regional Studies at the Geography Department of the University of Durham. After his  doctorate he held research contracts at the L'Orientale University and post-doc fellowships at the University of Amsterdam (Geography and Planning Dept), the Johns Hopkins University at Baltimore (Institute for Policy Studies), and more recently at the University of Cagliari (Faculty of Economics, Economic Geography discipline). He has also taught geographical disciplines in a number of Italian universities, more recently in the Urban Planning Programme of the University "Federico II" of Naples.